To Contact Us:
Dr. Nada Abumrad
Robert C Atkins Professor of Obesity Research in Medicine
Center for Human Nutrition
Washington University in St. Louis  314-747-0348
The Abumrad Lab
Washington University in St. Louis
Box 8031, 507 S. Euclid
St. Louis, Missouri USA  63110
314-362-8206 (lab phone)
While we do not currently have any open post-doctoral positions, we are always interested to hear from prospective candidates. 
The Abumrad Laboratory is led by Dr. Nada Abumrad, a recognized leader in the study of CD36.  Work done by our laboratory has contributed to the evidence for CD36 as a membrane receptor involved in fatty acid sensing and uptake, identification of the physiological role of CD36 in fatty acid utilization and fatty acid induced cellular signaling and the role of CD36 genetics in metabolic regulation in human populations.  The laboratory is located in the Division of Nutritional Science at the Washington University School of Medicine.  Work in our laboratory is supported by the Animal Model Research and Adipocyte Biology and Molecular Nutrition Cores in the Nutrition Obesity Research Center.  Additional research support is available thru the Diabetes Research Center.  

Qualifications: Candidates should hold a recent Ph.D. (or M.D./Ph.D.) with less than 2 years of prior postdoctoral experience and a demonstrated research and publication record with AT LEAST one first author publication. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about developing a career in academic science. Applicants should be highly motivated, eager and quick to learn, careful, organized, and reliable. Candidates must be able to work independently in a collaborative environment and communicate with laboratory staff and investigators.

Preferred Qualifications:  Candidates should have a strong background in biological techniques including histology, immunohistochemistry, recombinant DNA/cloning, PCR, mammalian cell cultures, expression and analysis of proteins, mouse handling and/or other animal work. T32 training grant eligible candidates are encouraged to apply.

Please submit a short personal statement detailing your research interests and qualifications, and a CV (including a list of individuals who can provide references) by email to Dr. Abumrad at