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Dr. Nada Abumrad
Robert C Atkins Professor of Obesity Research in Medicine
Center for Human Nutrition
Washington University in St. Louis  314-747-0348
The Abumrad Lab
Washington University in St. Louis
Box 8031, 507 S. Euclid
St. Louis, Missouri USA  63110
314-362-8206 (lab phone)
Intravital Two-Photon Microscopy demonstrating leaky intestinal barrier in CD36KO mice

Our lab is currently working on the following projects:

  • 1- Molecular mechanisms mediating cellular fatty acid uptake, how they might differ for saturated versus unsaturated FA and in various cells. Studies include genetic manipulation of cells in vitro and tissue specific knockout mice models.

  • 2- The role of endothelial cell CD36 in tissue nutrient delivery and metabolic homeostasis.  The role of nutrient-mediated signal transduction is being investigated in cellular and animal models and relevance to humans is being tested in collaborative work with clinical researchers.


  • 3- Mechanisms of fatty acid sensitive regulation of metabolism by saturated versus unsaturated FA and the physiological implications for cell health and survival.


  • 4- Role of CD36 genetic variants in maintenance of endothelial and immune homeostasis. These are functional genetic studies that combine phenotypic evaluation of subjects carrying CD36 polymorphisms, recruited at Washington University and at Vanderbilt University.